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Understanding Pain – Part 2

Brain scientists who have studied the effects of chiropractic spinal adjustments have discovered that adjustments change brain function. That is, chiropractic has a neural plastic effect on the brain. In particular, adjustments change function in the part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex. The pre-frontal cortex is actually a part of your brain that […]

Understanding Pain

Pain is created in your brain. We now know that the feeling of pain is something your brain decides that you should experience, if it believes there is a problem. Even if it only senses a potential threat of damage to tissues, your brain will decide if you should feel pain. That is, you can […]

Your Symptoms: Good or Bad?

Symptoms are not pleasant. No one enjoys feeling unwell or experiencing pain. We have been educated to always see them as bad and to try to alleviate them as soon as possible, however we can. Sometimes though, it is without regard for our health, or without understanding their role in our health and wellbeing. Pain […]

You’re More Intelligent Than You Think

In chiropractic we often talk about how amazing this body of ours is. We each have an inborn wisdom within us that runs our body every day of our lives, every hour of every day, and it is best able to do this if there is no interference present. This is the innate intelligence of […]

Health Beliefs

There are a range of factors that influence how we view the world and how we think about issues of importance such as health. Possible influences on our health beliefs include our family life, particularly the behaviour of our parents concerning health issues during our formative years, our education, our role models, and our own […]

Recent Chiropractic Research Findings

Two studies that have recently been published support the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for improved nervous system function that can have important effects on our quality of life. The first of these studies (1) was a randomised controlled trial which showed that, compared to the control group, older people who received 12 weeks of chiropractic […]

Does the Absence of Symptoms Equal Health?

Is a person healthy the day before they have a fatal heart attack or stroke, if they feel fine? Is someone with cancer healthy if the cancer is not advanced enough to cause symptoms? Does a person have a healthy spine if it feels fine the moment before they bend over to pick something off […]

Disease Is The Absence of Health

We need to begin to view health as the entity and disease as the non-entity, that is, the absence of health. Science acknowledges both entities and non-entities. However, its attention is always directed toward the entity, except with health and disease. Let’s look at some examples. Heat is an entity, which can be created by […]

Why You Do What You Do Matters

As a teenager, I can remember exercising in an attempt to build up some muscles to impress the girls. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in both endeavours. It takes time to build muscle, more than I expected, and I became discouraged when I didn’t see immediate results and subsequently didn’t exercise regularly for years. Now my […]

How Chiropractic Began

Chiropractic recently turned 120 years old. The profession of chiropractic traces its origins to the 18th of September,1895, in Davenport, Iowa in the United States, when a magnetic healer, Daniel David Palmer, delivered the first specific chiropractic adjustment. Harvey Lillard, a janitor in the building where Palmer had his office, had been partially deaf for […]