Whiplash for many can occur when involved in a car accident or by any number of knocks, falls or slips and sports injuries, and can be excruciatingly painful. Many people are shocked to realise that even mild cases of whiplash can happen just by simply turning your head too fast in one direction, being knocked down, falling or even being jostled around while riding a roller coaster or other type of fast moving ride.

In a rear end collision the neck is thrown into extension. What this means is that the person is forced backwards into the car seat as the vehicle is thrust forward. This force is what causes the most damage to the soft tissue area of the neck.


Understanding Pain

Brain scientists who have studied the effects of chiropractic spinal adjustments have discovered that adjustments change brain function. That is, chiropractic has a neural plastic effect on the brain. In particular, adjustments change function in the part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex. The pre-frontal cortex is actually a part of your brain that is very involved in where pain becomes chronic. This may help to explain the observation that the earlier chiropractic care is undertaken, the better the long term outcomes will be. It might be that chiropractic care can prevent pain from becoming chronic in the first place.

Some neuroscientists believe that chiropractic care most likely helps reduce your feeling of pain by helping your brain turn down,...READ MORE

Understanding Pain

Pain is created in your brain. We now know that the feeling of pain is something your brain decides that you should experience, if it believes there is a problem. Even if it only senses a potential threat of damage to tissues, your brain will decide if you should feel pain. That is, you can still experience pain without tissue damage. Conversley, studies have shown that even when there is tissue damage, your brain might not generate the feeling of pain for you. This is known as the paradox of pain. It means that the pain you are feeling is not necessarily mirroring the severity or even the site of your problem, or if there is a problem at all!


Good or Bad

Symptoms are not pleasant. No one enjoys feeling unwell or experiencing pain. We have been educated to always see them as bad and to try to alleviate them as soon as possible, however we can. Sometimes though, it is without regard for our health, or without understanding their role in our health and wellbeing.

Pain and other symptoms are not always bad. Our body has an intricate warning system in order to make us aware of injury, harm or danger. Pain tells us to avoid hot or sharp objects. If we sprain an ankle and it is too painful to walk on, then we shouldn't. To mask the pain in this type of situation is dangerous and can often lead to...READ MORE

More Intelligent Than You Think

In chiropractic we often talk about how amazing this body of ours is. We each have an inborn wisdom within us that runs our body every day of our lives, every hour of every day, and it is best able to do this if there is no interference present. This is the innate intelligence of our bodies and, among a myriad of other things, it is at this moment creating thousands of chemicals from the food we ate at dinner. Not only is our body making these chemicals, but they are being produced precisely when they are needed and in exactly the correct quantity. Our innate intelligence is truly amazing, and we are all equally intelligent when it comes to...READ MORE

Chiropractic Health Beliefs

There are a range of factors that influence how we view the world and how we think about issues of importance such as health. Possible influences on our health beliefs include our family life, particularly the behaviour of our parents concerning health issues during our formative years, our education, our role models, and our own experiences regarding the ups and downs with our own health during our lifetime.

Chiropractic generally has different beliefs about health compared to conventional beliefs held by many members of the general public. Whereas the conventional belief is that the body is weak and defective and needs help from the outside to heal, chiropractic believes that the body is self-healing and self-regulating. In other words, a common...READ MORE

Recent Chiropractic Research Findings

Two studies that have recently been published support the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for improved nervous system function that can have important effects on our quality of life.

The first of these studies (1) was a randomised controlled trial which showed that, compared to the control group, older people who received 12 weeks of chiropractic care had improvements in their sensory and motor functions that are related to the risk of falls. The researchers note that, "Falls account for more than 80% of injury-related hospital admissions in people older than 65 years, and they are the leading cause of injury-related death in older adults". Interestingly, improvements were only noticed after four weeks of care. So if you are older, it may...READ MORE

healthy heart

Is a person healthy the day before they have a fatal heart attack or stroke, if they feel fine? Is someone with cancer healthy if the cancer is not advanced enough to cause symptoms? Does a person have a healthy spine if it feels fine the moment before they bend over to pick something off the floor, and can’t straighten up because of excruciating pain?

Many people have the mistaken belief that feeling fine means that they are healthy. Logically then, they conclude that the absence of symptoms means the presence of health. Because they assume that no symptoms equal health, they may seek treatments to remove or cover up the symptoms rather than improving their health.

A very important aspect of...READ MORE


We need to begin to view health as the entity and disease as the non-entity, that is, the absence of health. Science acknowledges both entities and non-entities. However, its attention is always directed toward the entity, except with health and disease. Let's look at some examples.

Heat is an entity, which can be created by burning fossil fuels and can be measured in calories. Cold, on the other hand, is merely the absence of heat. You cannot create cold. It only exists when heat is removed. An air conditioner withdraws heat from a room, leaving the space with a lack of heat. Sound is also an entity. It can be created by speaking, clapping our hands or turning on a radio....READ MORE


As a teenager, I can remember exercising in an attempt to build up some muscles to impress the girls. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in both endeavours. It takes time to build muscle, more than I expected, and I became discouraged when I didn't see immediate results and subsequently didn't exercise regularly for years. Now my reason for exercising is different. I exercise for my health, and because the pursuit of health is a lifelong endeavour, this motivation will help me to exercise for the rest of my life. With health motivating my exercise, I'm more able to maintain my exercise even in the face of obstacles (such as feeling too tired). I'm also more able to get myself back on...READ MORE