Posture Problems

The importance of good posture cannot be stressed enough in modern times. It extends far beyond our outward appearance and aesthetics. Your posture is an indication of muscle balance and spinal alignment.

Healthcare providers around the world are seeing a sharp rise in health problems arising from poor posture, especially in children with the rise of computer games and the use of electronic gadgets.

We often see cases when postural problems trigger a chain of events that can result in unnecessary pain and stiffness, stress on other parts of the body, and time off work. The problem is becoming more prevalent as we tend to spend more time at work. However, bad posture can also be problematic at home after hours, affecting parents and children.

Achieving good posture is more complicated than simply “putting your shoulders back.” For example, do you know that most people’s certain postural problems can originate from other postural conditions around the body? Forward head, rounded shoulders, and pelvic tilt are just a few of them.