What Conditions Respond To Chiropractic Care?

A chiropractor adjusts vertebral subluxations, that is, slight misalignments of the spine that interfere with the ability of the nervous system to carry the vital messages which are necessary for the proper functioning of your body. A vertebral subluxation, therefore, reduces your body’s ability to function in a healthy manner.

The vertebral subluxation itself doesn’t cause any symptoms, but because of the damage it is causing to the nervous system, and the resulting damage to the tissues of the body, you are better off without them under ALL circumstances. Symptoms may develop days, weeks, months, years, or often decades after the vertebral subluxation first occurred.

Some of the symptoms and conditions which people may present to a chiropractor with include: neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, shoulder and arm pain, hip and leg pain, numbness and tingling, muscle tightness, soreness and stiffness. Regardless of whether or not a person has symptoms, a body free of vertebral subluxations will be better able to heal itself of any condition.