Will I Have To Wait Long In Your Office?

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It would be very unfortunate to keep people waiting until they are seen by the chiropractor given that most of us live time-pressured lives and, if visiting a chiropractor, may be in pain. For these reasons, it would be highly unusual for someone to wait more than 15 minutes in my office.

The reason for this is that we avoid over-booking patients and set aside particular blocks of time to see regular patients and separate times for new patients whose visits take longer. That way you can be confident of not having to wait 30 minutes to be seen because I have started a consultation with a new patient. Even when I am busy seeing patients for their regular visits, waiting times are kept to a minimum because of the short time it takes for a regular visit.

When prospective new patients contact my office to make their initial appointment, I will try to see them either that day or the next if that is what they want. I try to leave openings in the appointment book every day for that purpose.

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