How Do You Determine How Many Visits I Will Need?

There are several criteria I use to try and determine both the frequency of your visits per week and for how long you will need to attend. Your age is a major factor.

When a subluxation is present – that is, a slight misalignment of the bones of your spine – the younger you are the less time it can have been present, the less damage to your body will have occurred and the quicker you are to heal. Conversely, the older you are, the longer the vertebral subluxation may have been present so that the likelihood of some permanent damage increases, and the longer your body takes to heal itself.

The history of accidents and injuries throughout your life can also be an indicator of how much care you may need. For example, the huge forces involved in motor vehicle accidents can be very traumatic to the spine. Your general level of health can also influence how quickly your body will be able to heal itself.

Your daily stress levels, both emotional and physical, can also play a major part in determining how quickly you will respond to care. If you are continually putting your spine under stress between visits, which is often unavoidable, the longer the recovery will take. Finally, if you have seen a chiropractor previously, depending on when and how often, this may reduce the number of visits required.