Back Pain

Problems in your lower spine and pelvis can cause pain in the lower back and legs and can have several different causes with distinctive features.

You may feel stiffness in your lower back. You may feel pain when you:

  • Cough or sneeze
  • Sit in or rise from a chair
  • Roll over in bed
  • Walk

Your pain may be sharp and unpredictable, and you may feel it in your lower back, buttock area, thigh or lower leg. It may be relieved by lying down, sitting, walking or standing. Your lower back may not be at all tender to touch, or, alternatively, you may be able to put your finger right on the point of the pain.

I specialise in helping people with lower back pain. I’ve spent over 35 years refining my skills to determine exactly what your problem is, and how to correct it, using gentle, specific, spinal adjustments.

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