Neck Pain

Problems in the upper spine and neck vertebrae can cause pain and muscle stiffness in the upper back and neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and headaches.

You may feel:

  • Stiff and sore in your neck and shoulders while sitting
  • The constant need to stretch, or even try and ‘crack’ your neck
  • Your neck clicking or grating when you move it
  • Shoulder pain often with a reduced range of motion of your arm
  • Elbow pain
  • Pins and needles or numbness in your hands and fingers
  • Tension headaches or migraines and/or
  • A reduced range of motion of your head, for example, when driving not being able to turn your head as much as you used to be able to, and now being more dependant on using your mirrors.

I specialise in helping people with neck pain. I’ve spent over 35 years refining my skills to determine exactly what your problem is, and how to correct it, using gentle, specific, spinal adjustments.

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