What Can I Expect During and After My First Visit?

The initial consultation will take about 30 minutes. The chiropractor will discuss the information you have filled out on a form which asks questions about your current complaint, other general health issues, and any accidents or surgery you may have had. The chiropractor will then explain what they are looking for and what they do, followed by performing a thorough spinal examination.

If you have any vertebral subluxations – that is, slight misalignments of the bones of your spine – what needs to be done will be explained to you. And if you agree, you will then receive your first adjustment. An adjustment is the word used to describe the process by which the chiropractor helps the body’s own spinal muscles correct the vertebral subluxation. The adjustment itself will only take several minutes and most people find it to be a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

Because everyone is different, how you feel after your first adjustment can vary considerably. Some patients may notice an immediate, dramatic improvement in their symptoms, others a slight improvement, and some none. Some patients may also feel some slight tenderness at the site of the adjustment and some general muscle stiffness around the spine. Anything you feel after an adjustment is due to your body starting to heal itself and returning to normal functioning.