As a chiropractor in Canberra, I’m well aware of how crucial a fully-functioning nervous system is to the working of the human body. By nervous system, I mean our brain, spinal cord, and the nerves which run throughout our bodies.

The whole principle of chiropractic is based around the fact that our bodies have the capacity to self-regulate and heal themselves.

When our nervous system function is impaired due to pressure from misplaced spinal bones, it can cause organs and tissues in our body to function less efficiently.

In order to repair the damage, I will identify where the spinal bones have become misplaced and are interfering with the natural functioning of your body. I will then, through gentle spinal adjustments, help remove the pressure on the nervous system, which will increase your body’s ability to repair itself.

Once the pressure is removed, many patients find that it is not just their presenting health complaint which benefits from care – the one which led them to seek out a chiropractor in Canberra in the first place – but often other conditions can improve too, because of their connection to the nervous system.

Assessment – the first step in a consultation

During your first consultation with me, I will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which includes taking a detailed health history (such as your current symptoms and lifestyle, any other health complaints, accidents and injuries, and medical treatments) and conduct an analysis of your spine (which entails manual palpation).

So don’t be surprised to find that an initial consultation will involve answering a number of questions. This will allow me to better assess your unique situation and tailor a course of care suited to your particular needs.

An adjustment

By adjustment, I mean applying force gently, by hand, in both a specific area and direction in order to help the body move the spinal bone back towards its normal position. By doing so, the body will revert to a better state of overall health.

Length of treatment

The length of time that you will need to see me really depends on how long your problem has been present (for instance, whether it originated in early childhood or is a more recent development). As a rule, the longer the condition has been present, the more degenerative it tends to become and, as you would expect, the more visits are necessary.

Many individuals only seek out a chiropractor in Canberra at times of crisis when the pain becomes too much for them to handle by themselves, or when it is adversely affecting the quality of their life.

However, by far, most visitors to our Canberra chiropractic clinic are regulars who understand that they push their body too far sometimes (whether through sport or prolonged desk work, for example) and are simply seeking a check-up in order to prevent any future difficulties.

To find out more about how you can visit your local chiropractor in Canberra, and how it can benefit your overall and long-term health, then contact us or make an appointment for a consultation.