Many athletes have discovered the benefits of using chiropractic care as part of their overall approach to optimise their performance. It gives them an edge, and it is drug free.

There are a growing number of scientific studies that have shown that adjusting subluxations not only improves spinal function, but also alters and enhances muscle function. It can improve the way we sense our environment, how we process information in our brain, and control the muscles in our legs and arms.These nervous  system changes can take place after a single adjustment, even in apparently healthy people. The changes observed after one adjustment (which takes just a few minutes) are similar to what has been observed following three weeks of strength training. These demonstrated benefits of chiropractic care, in terms of improvements in  proprioception (body position awareness) and muscle function, suggest that this could be a critical, safe and simple way for athletes to improve their sports performance.

In addition to enhanced performance, preventing injuries in athletes may also be an effect of receiving chiropractic care. This may be achieved by increasing the accuracy of the brain’s control over muscles as well as improving core stability and proprioception. If the brain is more precisely aware of the position of our arms and legs and what they are doing, clearly it will be able to send more accurate messages to the various muscles to perform the fast movements that are necessary to prevent avoidable injuries.

In short,  improved reaction times, proprioception, muscle strength and muscle stamina may all result from chiropractic care. What athlete would not want their body to function as closely as possible to its potential?