Here at our clinic, it’s our belief that pain can be a good thing in that it acts as a warning system to alert us to injury and harm. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that we need to act now to prevent more serious damage occurring. To ignore this early warning system of our body would be like ignoring your smoke detector alarm; to cover up the pain rather than attend to it would be like disconnecting the alarm.

We seek out the source of your pain

At our clinic our aim is not just to deal with the pain, but to locate and correct its underlying cause. The cause of pain that chiropractors are trained to deal with are spinal misalignments. These misalignments can produce pain at various sites throughout the body by placing pressure on the nervous system.

We identify problems before they cause pain

At our clinic we understand that not all spinal misalignments cause pain. As a result, these problems can only be identified through assessment by a chiropractor. While the spinal misalignment itself may not cause any symptoms, because of the damage it is causing to the nervous system, and the resulting damage to the tissues of the body, you are clearly better off without it. Left unattended, pain and other symptoms may develop in the future.

In summary, we would urge that the next time you feel a twinge of pain, don’t just ignore it. Instead give the pain the respect it deserves by being assessed at our Canberra chiropractic clinic before the problem worsens. And even if you’re not in pain, we would recommend that you have your spine checked for any spinal misalignments that could cause pain and other problems down the track.

To find out more about how to best manage pain, and prevent it from developing in the first place, contact us or make an appointment to see us at our Canberra chiropractic clinic.