We need to begin to view health as the entity and disease as the non-entity, that is, the absence of health. Science acknowledges both entities and non-entities. However, its attention is always directed toward the entity, except with health and disease. Let’s look at some examples.

Heat is an entity, which can be created by burning fossil fuels and can be measured in calories. Cold, on the other hand, is merely the absence of heat. You cannot create cold. It only exists when heat is removed. An air conditioner withdraws heat from a room, leaving the space with a lack of heat. Sound is also an entity. It can be created by speaking, clapping our hands or turning on a radio. It is measured in decibels. Silence is a non-entity; it is the absence of sound. Light too is an entity. It can be created by lighting a match or flicking a switch, and can be measured in lumens. Darkness is only manifested when light or its source is removed. It is a non-entity. All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from one candle, because a non-entity cannot affect an entity.

Regarding health and disease, medicine chose to make disease the entity and health the non-entity, perhaps because the manifestations of disease are much more noticeable than the manifestations of health. The manifestation of disease is not the norm, so they tend to stand out more. The fact is that health is the normal state of an organism. It is the entity. We take it for granted and only notice its absence, that is, disease. Disease can only exist in the absence of health. That is why addressing health is far more important than addressing disease. If you eliminate a disease but do not restore health, a void remains, into which will come another disease, or the same one will return. Being healthy prevents disease because disease is merely the absence of health.

The logical reason for a lack of health is that the body is not functioning as it should. We in the chiropractic profession believe we have found one cause for a lack of health. Vertebral subluxations interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous system, the master control system of the body. By correcting these subluxations and removing the nerve interference, we believe that the body will work better in all situations under all circumstances. This is a prerequisite to a healthy body. As your Canberra chiropractor, I am committed to helping you maximise your health, thereby reducing the occurrence of disease.