Is a person healthy the day before they have a fatal heart attack or stroke, if they feel fine? Is someone with cancer healthy if the cancer is not advanced enough to cause symptoms? Does a person have a healthy spine if it feels fine the moment before they bend over to pick something off the floor, and can’t straighten up because of excruciating pain?

Many people have the mistaken belief that feeling fine means that they are healthy. Logically then, they conclude that the absence of symptoms means the presence of health. Because they assume that no symptoms equal health, they may seek treatments to remove or cover up the symptoms rather than improving their health.

A very important aspect of chiropractic is educating people that the absence of symptoms does not equal health. Health only occurs when every part of your body is functioning properly. Chiropractors maintain the nervous system free of interference, allowing the body to function properly and be healthy. That is my objective as your Canberra chiropractor.