During more than 30 years of practice, most of these years spent as a chiropractor, I’ve heard my patients express a range of thoughts that could have negative consequences for their health. Here I’ve listed five of the most dangerous health beliefs to help make sure that you don’t fall into the same traps.

First dangerous belief:

“Maybe it will go away” is a belief that we can sometimes have about pain and other bodily symptoms, a belief that can result in not taking appropriate action. The fact is that it’s your health that will definitely go away if you ignore it and don’t take responsibility for it. Regularly visiting your chiropractor is an important component of taking responsibility for your health.

Second dangerous belief:

“It’s not that bad” is another belief that can prevent us from taking appropriate action for our health. Should you wait to take care of your health until it gets “that bad”? While you may be able to live with pain or less than optimum health in your body, do you really want to? Let your chiropractor help you before it gets any worse.

Third dangerous belief:

“I know where my problem is. It’s …” is a belief that can result in us taking inappropriate action if we are mistaken  regarding the true cause of the problem. Where we experience discomfort in our bodies may be different from where the actual problem is. Your chiropractor can help you determine where the real problem lies.

Fourth dangerous belief:

“It only hurts when I …” is a belief that results in us tolerating pain and discomfort rather than taking appropriate action. This attitude will eventually restrict your life more and more as the “When I…” list gets longer and longer. Visit your chiropractor before the list of all the things you can’t do grows even more.

Fifth dangerous belief:

“There’s nothing wrong with me. I feel fine” is a belief that can result in us failing to act on our health until problems become more serious and produce symptoms. Waiting until symptoms occur is not taking good care of ourselves. This also applies once we feel better. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re better once symptoms are gone. Regularly visiting your Canberra chiropractor will help prevent symptoms from occurring, and returning.

To find out more about how to take appropriate action for your health, contact me, your Canberra chiropractor, or make an appointment.