Here in our Canberra Chiropractic practice, we encourage our patients to be active in pursuing and maintaining optimum health. By ‘active’ we mean making regular visits to our chiropractic clinic in order to maintain their spinal health.

A healthy spine is one where the vertebrae are aligned so that there is no undue pressure on the nervous system. So a healthy spine helps our patients to maximise their overall health.

By establishing a regimen of regular visits to your local chiropractor – regardless of whether or not spinal symptoms are present – patients are working to maintain their health rather than simply remove symptoms such as pain.

Correct subluxations by visiting your Chiropractor

When the spine has one or more subluxations (that is, when the vertebrae are out of alignment and interfering with nerve supply), the rest of the body does not function to its fullest potential. Achieving peak health, rather than simply an absence of symptoms, is the aim of regular visits to your local Chiropractor. Receiving chiropractic care only when symptoms have developed is not fully utilizing chiropractic.

Regular spinal adjustments by your local Chiropractor

So the advantage of having your local Chiropractor regularly adjust your spine is that this can help you to not only overcome symptoms: it can help you attain optimal health.

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