As a teenager, I can remember exercising in an attempt to build up some muscles to impress the girls. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in both endeavours. It takes time to build muscle, more than I expected, and I became discouraged when I didn’t see immediate results and subsequently didn’t exercise regularly for years. Now my reason for exercising is different. I exercise for my health, and because the pursuit of health is a lifelong endeavour, this motivation will help me to exercise for the rest of my life. With health motivating my exercise, I’m more able to maintain my exercise even in the face of obstacles (such as feeling too tired). I’m also more able to get myself back on track after a setback (such as when the busyness of life temporarily disrupts my routine).

Similarly with regards to diet, if your eating is motivated by wanting to be as healthy as you can be, then you will be more able to maintain good eating habits for the rest of your life. You won’t be checking the scales constantly, and you won’t feel guilty if you over-indulge occasionally. With a lifelong commitment to health helping you to maintain a balanced diet, your body will regulate its weight to what is normal for you.

Your motivation in regards to chiropractic also makes a difference. Some people only have an illness motivation, meaning that they only use chiropractic to enable their body to heal itself of a physical condition. When the condition has gone – or if it doesn’t go – they discontinue their care. Others have a health motivation, meaning that they recognise that the correction of vertebral subluxations maintains the nervous system free of interference, which will help them to be as healthy as they can be. With health as their motivation, they regularly have their spines checked and, when necessary, adjusted. They understand that this is important for their entire lives, regardless of how they feel. These people will receive the maximum health benefit for the rest of their lives. As your Canberra chiropractor, I encourage this attitude.