How chiropractic care can help you to maximise your health potential

There are three major areas of your personal health history that directly affect your health potential, and I will discuss each of these in turn over the next three monthly newsletters.

The first area is previous surgery. Every surgical procedure, even if it is a life-saving measure, does a certain amount of damage, which reduces the body’s ability to reach or maintain maximum health. This reduction in health potential may or may not be evident depending on the nature of the surgery, the length of time since it was performed, and the amount of healthy tissue which was unavoidably damaged during the procedure. The most obvious example of this fact is the removal of an organ or body part. Having a kidney, tonsils, thyroid gland or other organ removed, reduces your ability to function at maximum potential. Although you may feel better as a result of the surgery, losing an organ that you were meant to have creates a certain degree of loss of health which can never be regained. The surgical removal of a gall bladder may stop the gall stone attacks and the accompanying pain, but the body was meant to have a gall bladder and cannot reach maximum health without it. You may be better off without a diseased kidney, but you can never be 100% healthy without it. Your body was designed to have two kidneys. You were not born with unnecessary parts!

While less dramatic, another factor to consider is the damage done to healthy tissue during surgery. Even the best surgeons must cause some injury to healthy tissue. The scar is the visible indication of this damage. The visible damage, however, is  minimal compared to the internal damage. While modern surgical procedures have managed in many cases to minimise the damage, nevertheless it still occurs, and it reduces the ability of your body to maintain itself in a state of health. Many people are able to get well and maintain a high level of health in spite of this limitation. But the presence of scar tissue does reduce your health potential. How much of a reduction is impossible to know, because every person and their surgical history is different. But whatever your limitations due to previous surgery, your health potential is increased by chiropractic care.