How chiropractic care can help you to maximise your health potential

There are three major areas of your personal health history that directly affect your health potential and, in turn, how you respond to chiropractic. Last month I discussed previous surgery. In this newsletter I talk about any previous injuries you may have experienced.

Every force exerted upon the body is absorbed by the spinal column. Even the most minor falls, accidents or jolts (occurring from as long ago as early childhood) can result in ongoing damage to the spine. Of course, major traumas to your body, like those that occur in car accidents or many years of playing contact sports, for example, can do even more damage to the spine. Any force to the body, from the minor to the major, may cause subluxations. This damage causes parts of the spine to not move or function properly, which then can interfere with normal brain and nervous system function. The injury may not even be remembered, but the damage is done. Although any initial symptoms may have gone in a few days or weeks, the subluxation may have remained, interfering with the nerve communication between your body, your brain, and the environment, for years. It is impossible to know the extent of the damage, but the longer the period of time between the cause of the subluxation and the onset of chiropractic care  (which can often be several decades), the longer it will take to correct. Although you may not be able to remember every fall or injury, especially those that occurred during early childhood, it is these longstanding injuries that often do the most damage and the reason why correction through chiropractic adjustments takes longer.

In addition to damage to the spine, obviously any body part can be injured as a result of trauma. The good news is that the body will heal these injuries (as best as it can), and this healing is enhanced if there is no interference to the nervous system resulting from subluxations. In other words, your healing from injury – and hence your health potential – is increased by chiropractic care.