Symptoms are not pleasant. No one enjoys feeling unwell or experiencing pain. We have been educated to always see them as bad and to try to alleviate them as soon as possible, however we can. Sometimes though, it is without regard for our health, or without understanding their role in our health and wellbeing.

Pain and other symptoms are not always bad. Our body has an intricate warning system in order to make us aware of injury, harm or danger. Pain tells us to avoid hot or sharp objects. If we sprain an ankle and it is too painful to walk on, then we shouldn’t. To mask the pain in this type of situation is dangerous and can often lead to more serious injury.

Interestingly, symptoms may be an indication that the body is doing its job perfectly! Eating spoiled food could cause a bout of vomiting and diarrhoea. Although they are very unpleasant symptoms, the body recognises that the poisons that have been ingested will do harm and attempts to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Trying to prevent these symptoms could be harmful to your body. Another example is fever. Your body raises its temperature to try and kill invading bacteria and viruses, and if you lower it, it just makes it harder for the body to do its job.*

When you begin receiving chiropractic adjustments you may experience some different symptoms. As a result of the adjustments, your body is healing and repairing and making changes to the way things may have been for decades. It is not unusual for you to feel some of these changes. But from many years of experience as your Canberra chiropractor, I know these are generally short term and part of the process of your body getting back to normal.

*Of course in instances when these symptoms are extreme, medical intervention may be necessary.